Stacy Nikkila

Stacy Nikkila writes about food as the Restaurant Editor of the Rundown on LA. This makes her thirsty, so she also pens a cocktail blog called The Swizzle. Satiating while traveling is her ne plus ultra—Buenos Aires, Punta Del Este and Tokyo are her favorite places so far.


Shannon Ambrosio Joins the Anarchy

His father brawled with Foreman. And now Brooklyn’s toughest BBQ maestro will duel icons, too, as he remakes classic American dishes in our new series, Chefs of Anarchy. Before the show kicks off next Thursday, this culinary pugilist talks it up.


R.J. Cooper Cooks Up Some Anarchy

The maverick James Beard Award winner stars in our new series, Chefs of Anarchy, in which culinary miscreants motorcycle across America to radically remake classic dishes. With the debut next Thursday, he put down his blowtorch long enough to chat.