Stephanie Rickert


5 Tips For Dating Someone With Herpes

Dating someone with any sexually transmitted disease, especially herpes, can be very scary but 5 tips for dating someone with herpes can go a long way. When you meet someone and you click with them, things seem wonderful. But when they tell you they have herpes, all sorts of thoughts can go through your head. Before ending the relationship before it begins, try a few tips on dating someone with he …


How To Lace New Balance Shoes

New Balance shoes are a popular brand of tennis shoes, but how to lace New Balance shoes can be a bit tricky depending on what problem, if any, you are trying to prevent. People use their New Balance shoes for different reasons such as running, walking or cross training and can suffer from different injuries and ailments. These can cause different aches and pains in your feet, and by lacing your s …


How To Make A Golf Course Putting Green

A golf course is a popular place in the summer and owning one can be a gold mine but it needs to be done right and how to make a golf course putting green comes into play. The grass on a golf course n …

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