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How To Start A Porn Company

Learn how to start a porn company, for fun and profit. Pornography can be a great lucrative business if done right. Keep in mind that there are many people who have tried and failed in starting up porn companies. The best way to learn the ropes is to consider working for another company until you strike it out on your own. Raise funding for your porn company. Create a business plan, which …


How To Replace Resistors In A Sony Stereo Receiver

Learn how to replace resistors in a Sony stereo receiver to repair your own audio equipment.  If your receiver is no longer under warranty, it may be more cost effective to perform your own repairs.  The cost of shipping the components back and forth, along with paying for the actual repair may be cost prohibitive.  Here are the supplies you will need to replace your own resisto …


How To Get Sponsors For An Event

Learn how to get sponsors for an event, to minimize your costs. Your ability to get corporate sponsorship for an event can dramatically lower your costs of running a particular event. In certain cases …

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