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How to Drink Canned Beer

For optimal taste, don’t drink canned beer straight from the can. Pour it into a glass or a cup. “If you don’t pour the beer into a glass, you lose a bit of that nose,” says Chad Melis, the marketing director at Oskar Blues. Craft beer, like wine, needs to breathe in the glass before you can appreciate the full complexity of its flavor and aroma. That goes for bottled beer, too. It tastes be …


When to Drink Canned Beer

The Beer Sommelier’s Matt Simpson says if you want a well-hopped beer, and it’s available in a can, then get the can. If you want to bring your beer outside or engage in an activity where bottles can break, choose a can as well. The Beer Chicks' Hallie Beaune, agrees, saying, “If you’re going to the beach, or hiking, or camping, or going to a bluegrass festival – certainly in those situations a …


Canned Beer Can Be Great (Really)

Can a canned beer be great? Yes, it can. Thanks to the craft beer revolution, delicious beer is no longer only served in bottles. We recommend five you might like