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Pinching Your Pennies

Learning to pinch your pennies is a worthwhile endeavor. Whether you don't make enough money to support your lifestyle or just want to pad your savings account, there are ways to stretch money further. Try implementing little strategies each day that won't make it feel like a sacrifice. If pinching your pennies cuts a lot into your time and lifestyle, you won't be as likely to keep up …


Fancy Hairstyles

Men sometimes have the occasion to wear fancy hairstyles, but it isn't an everyday look. Instead, these hairstyles are best for formal events and occasions. The hairstyle you can choose from depends on your hair length and type. Your hairstyle is just as important as your outfit at a formal event. Fancy hairstyles do not have to be elaborate. Consider what makes you look dapper and handsome.&n …


Negative Effects Of Weed

Before you fire up the pipe, it's good to consider the negative effects of weed. Although people think of weed as being natural because it's essentially a plant, it can have undesireable side …

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