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History Of Water Skiing In America

The history of water skiing in America began in 1922 when eighteen-year-old Ralph Samuelson decided to apply the art of mountain skiing to a Minnesota lake.  Taking a barrel apart, he used the staves to construct water skis, which he attached to his feet with leather straps. Holding a rope tied to a boat driven by his brother, Ben, he tried to water ski but failed. The history of water sk …


Faith Tattoos For Men

Faith tattoos for men have been common in Bosnia and Herzegovina since the 15th Century, and continue to the present day. In the Western world, faith tattoos range from biblical quotes or passage numbers to more secular faith tattoos that speak of faith and hope. If you’re considering ornamenting your body with a sign of your faith, take a look at these types of faith tattoos for men, which …


History Of Special Ops Paintball

Curious about the history of Special Ops Paintball? Known as one of the first manufacturers and distributors of Woodsball equipment, Special Ops Paintball embody their essence in the company motto: &l …

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Symptoms Of Syphilis In Men

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