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10 Motocross Track Design Tips

Building a track for you to practice motocross on can be an indecisive task, so we have compiled a list of 10 motocross track design tips to help you make the process run more smoothly.  Curves. Curves in the track are important. Make sure to place a few left, and right hand turns in the track to even out your turning practice. Banking, or "up the wall" turns are helpfu …


10 Best Film Scenes For Actors

Have ever wondered what the 10 best film scenes for actors are?. Have your favorite site to view clips up and running, because you cannot help but go relive these moments with some of the world's most loved actors The Harvard Bar Scene, "Good Will Hunting." Matt Damon plays a genius named Will in the film "Good Will Hunting." This scene is a star …


10 Best Lap Dances In Movies

Movie fans all like to watch movies for different reasons, but for the fans of hot dancing women in movies, here are the 10 best lap dances in movies. Whether strip teases are 3rd person, or in first …

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