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Traditional Anniversary Gifts By Year

If you are like a lot of men you have no idea what the appropriate traditional anniversary gifts by year are. If some of your friends or family members have an anniversary approaching don't worry, Made Manual will equip you with the information you need to select the perfect anniversary gift. Reference this information to make sure you are picking out the correct traditional anniversary gifts …


How Much Do Porn Stars Make?

Many viewers and curious individuals wonder how much do porn stars make. It just seems natural to wonder how much someone actually earns for having sex on camera. The answer is a bit complicated. First, it depends on if you are speaking of a female porn star, a straight male porn star, a gay male porn star, a newbie, or an industry vet. The reason is that all of these individuals will demand diffe …


How To Cook Ribs In The Oven

Sometimes, when grilling is not an option, people search for ways how to cook ribs in the oven. Maybe it is wintertime (or raining). Perhaps you do not own a grill, or live in an apartment complex whe …

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