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10 Long Distance Running Training Tips

Long distance running training begins with setting a goal for yourself. Decide on the distance you want to reach and the time you want to cover it in. Whether it is a 5k, 10k or a marathon, aim for achieving that distance in the best possible time. Make a training schedule. Decide on the days and times you want to begin training and stick with them. Decide on wether yo


5 Best 10 Mile Running Shoes

When considering the 5 best 10 mile running shoes, the fundamental things to looks for are maximum support, cushioning and durability. The best running shoes for distance running of 10 miles or more should allow you to run comfortably and injury-free. The 5 best 10 mile running shoes for men or women are all made of the lightest materials that are bio-mechanically designed for foot type and runnin …


Best Running Shoes For Men

The best running shoes for men all have features that accentuate comfort, safety, support  and running efficiency.  Whether a novice or seasoned runner, the purchase of running shoes should …

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