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Heavy Cream Substitute

Heavy cream is an important ingredient in some recipes, but how do you make a heavy cream substitute if you don't have heavy cream available? If you are looking for a heavy cream substitute, these ideas will help you create the delicious dishes your family loves using other ingredients you already have in the home. Evaporated Milk Heavy Cream Substitute Ingredients: 1 can evapo …


How Long Can You Live Without Water

Men can survive without a number of things, but have you ever wondered how long can you live without water?  After oxygen, water comes in next as a necessary item. This is due to a number of reasons including the fact that our body is 60% water, and water plays a major role in the way the human body function. Unlike food where people can fast for days, it is not possible to take a break f …


How To Cure Hiccups

When you have hiccups, you want to know how to cure hiccups immediately.  Hiccups do not cause any physical problems to be concerned about. In fact, they are more of an annoyance than a physical …

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