Victoria Rodriguez-Baziuk


How To Lose Fat From The Tricep Muscle

No matter how much you workout the back of your arms, the only way to lose fat from the tricep muscle is through a strict diet and exercise. You can do millions of reps and unless you control the amount of fat in your diet, you won’t see any visible results. Many people have problems developing this muscle. This is because not only of its placement, but its ability to be used less often …


How Does Rock Climbing Improve Your Fitness

So how does rock climbing improve your fitness? Well, there are many ways rock climbing improves fitness and it starts with a complete body workout. Anyone who does rock climbing knows that it is not only a great adrenaline rush, but when you climb, you use every single muscle in the body. Rock climbing isn’t for those faint at heart. It takes determination, perseverance and great upper …


How to Know When You’re Being Conned

So you want to know how to you know when you are being conned? Well, the world is full of con artists, therefore, it’s up to you to be able to tell the difference when someone is being genuine a …

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