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Famous Baseball Quotes

The most famous baseball quotes have often become part of popular culture and have been applied to things other than baseball. No other sport has had as many quotable characters as baseball. Football may have surpassed baseball in popularity, but it will probably never produce as many famous quotes as baseball has.  “It ain't over till it's over.” This is easi …


What Do Guys Like In A Girl

What do guys like in a girl? There's no one answer to that question because each guy is different. But there are a number of common characteristics that the vast majority of guys like in a girl. Certainly, most guys like girls who are physically attractive, but a beautiful girl who lacks the other qualities that guys value will find that many guys aren't attracted to her for very long. In …


Cute Ways To Say I Love You

  Guys are always looking for cute ways to say “I love you” because such expressions of romance really charm girls and have a ring of sincerity that often makes more passionate ex …

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