Kings County Distillery Bourbon
We love our small-batch bourbon, and this one gains points for style as well as flavor: Kings County is New York City’s oldest operating whiskey distillery since the Jazz Age, making the moonshine-style bottle highly appropriate. Lying under a pleasantly dry topnote are flavors of spice and smoke, making this a great choice for sipping or mixing.

Franklin BBQ Espresso BBQ Sauce
Bottled by famed Austin, Texas, BBQ joint Franklin Barbecue, this savory sauce has a unique kick in the form of brewed espresso, one of our favorite food combos in recent memory. Not too thick or thin, not too spicy or sweet, this ideal for basting BBQ on the grill or topping up your meat when it’s done.

Noble Tonic: 01 Tuthilltown Bourbon Barrel Matured Maple Syrup
Noble Tonic is a line of handcrafted syrups and vinegars, and this particular maple syrup was aged in charred American oak barrels with a little raw Tuthilltown bourbon. While it’s a bit more pricey than Aunt Jemima, it’s a delicious, versatile ingredient that’s great for everything from pancakes to pork.

Hillshire Farm American Craft Smoky Bourbon sausages

Hillshire Farm American Craft™ Handcrafted Sausage
We’re itching to break out the grill this season, and these handcrafted, small-batch sausages are going to be the first over the coals. Hillshire Farm’s new line of pork links is made with real ingredients such as jalapeño and garlic, and come in droolworthy flavors like Jalapeño & Cheddar, Garlic & Onion, and Smoky Bourbon (major points for that one; you might have guessed we’re into bourbon).

Burnt Cabins Grist Mill Buckwheat Pancake Mix
This buckwheat pancake mix is stone ground by hand, made just as it was when this Pennsylvania mill opened more than 250 years ago. All-natural with no preservatives, it has a rich and nutty flavor and is higher in protein than most mixes, so you don’t have to relegate pancakes to cheat day.

Grady’s Cold Brew Iced Coffee
Cold-brew coffee—which involves soaking the beans and filtering the brew through a special process—has gotten hot over the past few seasons, and come springtime, we get hooked. So far, Grady’s has topped our taste tests: It has a rich, nutty flavor with a hint of chocolate. Each bottle of concentrate (brewed and bottled by hand in Brooklyn, New York) makes eight tall glasses of iced coffee, and you can also serve it hot.

Drunken Monkey Jam

Drunken Monkey Jam
The Jam Stand is a Brooklyn, New York, based purveyor of unique, and uniquely named, small-batch sweet condiments including You’re My Boy Blueberry Bourbon Jam (blueberry, bourbon, vanilla) and Not Just Peachy Sriracha Jam (peaches, sriracha). We especially dig their Drunken Monkey variety, which is made with sugar-coated bananas, rum and a dash of lime.

Stillwater Brontide
Baltimore’s Stillwater Artisanal Ales—the brainchild of amateur-turned-pro brewer Brian Strumke—has been producing for only four years, but in that time, it’s gained a reputation for funky, inventive brews, as well as its collaborative efforts with beer-nerd faves like Mikkeller and Stone. This new release is a full-bodied, smoky black ale that goes down surprisingly easy, thanks to its relatively low 5% ABV. It’s worth the extra bucks, trust us.

Mystery Brewing Company Thornfield’s End Smoked Rye Stout
This beer, from a small brewery in Hillsborough, NC, is all about malt: cherry smoked malt and the chocolate rye malt. This stout has a grassy, dry rye mouthfeel; you can taste the grain. There’s a Sanders dark chocolate cherry cordial candy and burnt toast-accentuated finish.

Musashi Green Sriracha

Musashi Green Sriracha
A killer hot sauce is a mantry essential, and sriracha—the fiery Asian red-pepper sauce—has been an excellent default. Kicking things up a notch or two is this brand-new green sriracha from the small upstate New York company Mushashi Foods. Made with green serrano chiles, brown sugar and garlic, it’s spicier than the red version and has a savory-hot aftertaste. If you’re a condiment completist, we’re also high on their spicy mayo.