It’s clear that night time is the right time. For what exactly? Oh, all sorts of things. Day time has its own appeal, with the sun and the warmth and all of that. But only at night do the rules change. City and country alike become whole new worlds, places ripe with opportunity. The opportunity for awesomeness.

Now, there are the typical night time engagements, tried and true staples that almost guarantee good times. Bar-hopping, clubbing, cow-tipping (depending on your demographic), midnight movies…these are all your beloved nighttime activities. But there comes a time when these things become stale. Or even if they don’t become stale, in the period known as “after hours,” they’re not available. But the good times don’t have to stop! No no, there’s untold fun to be had, and we can prove it, with these four awesome late night activities that you would never even think of!

Headlight Sports. Think daylight is the only time you can play a game of basketball, or some football, or even tennis? Absolutely not! If you and your buddies are all pent up and full of energy, late at night or early in the morning, try this out. Pull your cars over to a basketball court, and turn on your brights. Playing an intense game of ball in the middle of the night on a silent court is a different experience, and one that’s hard to replicate. It even works for couples! Play a game of tennis in the dark with your girl and you’ll both laugh until sunrise!

See this guy? Yep, take a drink.

The 24-Hour Walmart Drinking Game It is said that they only come out at night. At Walmart, it’s never been more true, and with the advent of 24-hour Super Walmarts…oh, friend, what sights there are to behold. Don’t slough off this idea as lame, either. In fact, there are whole websites dedicated to the people you find late night at Walmart. People-watching has never been more awesome, trust and believe and make a drinking game out of it! Too tight clothes? Take a drink. Guy wearing fishnet Speedo? Drink. Have a designated driver, and prepare to laugh at your fellow man.

Hide and Seek Out in the Sprawl. You wouldn’t think that suburbia would be the site for late-night awesomeness, but it is! Oh, it is. The suburban sprawl is the perfect place for a grown up game of hide and seek, capture the flag, manhunt, and so on. And as grown-ups you have access to so much more than you did as a kid! Cars, night-vision goggles (hey, use your imagination!), cell phones…the list goes on and on. Sure, you run the risk of the people in the neighborhood calling the cops on you because you’re running around in the dead of night like lunatics. But that’s all a part of your awesome late night adventure!

Pajamas, Slippers, and Breakfast. Sometimes having an awesome time isn’t about what you do, but how you do it. Plenty of people visit 24-hour restaurants and diners, many of them after hitting up the bars, still wearing their best threads. But few go the other route and get out in total comfort. With friends, or as a couple, cap off your late-night with an awesome 3AM meal while dressed in your comfiest pajamas. Throw in a fuzzy robe, maybe a stuffed animal or a blankie, and chew down on some Eggs Benedict. You’ll get looks, laughs, and some awesome late night memories!

-Stu Moody