Summer is winding to a chilly end, but those of us in the more southern climes have several weeks left, if not months, of wet and wild fun on the lakes and rivers. And if you’re into watersports at all, this is one of the best rides you can get in or behind regardless of if you’re a wakeboarder, kneeboarder, skier or just good, old-fashioned tuber.

What sets the boat apart from other rides is that you can use two separate ballast systems to carve out whatever wake you want for the activity you’re participating in. It starts as an unweighted model which throws a small, stable wake perfect for, say, slalom skiing. Then, with the addition of the Wakebox 800 Ballast system and an available Plu-N-Play Ballast system which combines with an auto-set wedge, you can get the wake to lip up to pro standards.

There are other amenities, too, for the people more pleasure-centric and less interested in its performance as an action sports vehicle. On the tow bar it’s got MTX thunder Marine Series Speakers powered by a Sony Splashproof stereo to provide a soundtrack to your recreation. No word on pricing yet, but check out more pictures below or put an order in for one here.