Axl Rose, lead singer of ’80s rock monsters Guns N’ Roses, isn’t too happy about some pictures and memes making their way around the internet. The “Axl Rose Fat” meme includes a pretty unflattering shot of him from 2010 along with captions like “Take me down to obesity city / where the girls are fat and the food taste shitty” and “Gonna eat some pie on my own / Gonna eat some pie all alone.”

If you giggled, you’re not alone, and you can also certainly understand why Axl isn’t happy about the spreading meme. That said, it’s highly unlikely the images will disappear. Google has yet to comply with the request. What’s more, even though the original photographer, Boris Mikevich of the Winnipeg Free Press, has been tracked down and agrees that people are stealing it, the meme has spread so far and wide (hehe) that it looks like the pictures are here to stay.

Rose sent Google a Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA) notice to Google claiming ownership of the image in question. If he does indeed own the copyright, Google is supposed to comply.

Stay strong, Axl. Things on the internet don’t last forever. Oh, wait.

But, seriously. If you ask us, lean into it, dude. You’re 54, Axl. You’ve seen some things. You’re allowed to kick back and have a burger and a rest. No one expects you to be that lithe, squirmy ’80s rocker anymore. Rock stars get old. They get fat. We celebrate that. That’s America. You go be you, Axl.