When the taco emoji became a thing, it basically broke the Internet. It revolutionized our digital discourse. And, still, dudes in all corners of the globe have wondered: Where’s the bacon?

It’s crucial to every quintessential breakfast of champions. But fear not, friends, the bacon emoji will roll out later this month amid 71 others—like a stiff glass of whiskey on the rocks—with the release of Unicode 9 on June 21st. Could these be the very catalysts for change in the demographic of emoji-users worldwide? Will they shake up the male idiolect? Will we witness an upsurge in dudes scanning the keyboard’s plethora of word alternatives? Only time will tell. Also joining the 1,601 characters already in existence will be an avocado, a pregnant woman, pancakes, a scooter (because scootering is apparently still a thing), a dancing man to court the dancing lady, a face palm, which could very well be the next upside-down smiley, and so, so much more. In the meantime Emojipedia has created mock-ups in the Apple style and men everywhere are stocking up on their whiskey supplies to legitimize their forthcoming texts.

We reached out to Jeremy Burge, founder of Emojipedia and World Emoji Day, who had a few choice words on the news of our favorite crispy cured meat and Sinatra’s go-to.