This is one of those things where somebody decided to take a bunch of amazing things, crush them together, and try and make something in which the whole is well and truly greater than the sum of the parts. Mission accomplished.

Bacon Bourbon Caramel Corn sounds like it was probably conceived of after consuming bourbon, bacon, and caramel corn in that order. This sweet/salty snack and its intoxicating (not really) medley of man-flavors is available from the Salted Caramel confectioners. It mixes the fatty smokiness of your favorite breakfast meet with the oaky tone of bourbon with a sweet-and-salty caramel corn base. It comes in an 8 oz. bag for $12.00, a commemorative Baconfest Chicago two-back for $20, or the “Pig Out” bag weighing in at 2-pounds for just $34 (that’s your best value right there). Of course you could make your own if you were so inclined, but may we recommend taking it easy on the bourbon until after you’re done cooking. Buy it here