There comes a time in every man’s life when he considers going through with it. There is often trepidation, brought on by concerns of how it will look, how others will react, if he shaves his head. Countless hair-growing commercials will tell you that you are worthless without your hair, that a bald head is some sign of weakness or is unattractive. We disagree. We think it says you work in a corner office, or you’re a real bad-ass. There is a certain freedom that comes with a shaved head. You never worry about fixing your hair on a date, and you make a statement of confidence. We say embrace your baldness and rock that smooth dome.

Finishing what nature has already started is not difficult, but following some simple steps will guarantee you have a pleasurable experience. You might want to begin by consulting your current hair cutter about the shape of your head. Some people look better bald, and a barber can suggest if that is you. Next, you need to get the soon-to-be-shaved hair as short as possible. A barber could buzz you, or you could ask your cropped hair buddies if they have a set of their own clippers. However you get it done, just make sure you are starting with as little hair as possible. Remember, it doesn’t matter how it looks at this point, so don’t fuss about it being uneven if you are doing it yourself. It’s all coming off soon.

Before we continue, there are a couple things you need to be prepared for. First, a shaved head is considerably colder than one with hair. It can actually be quite refreshing when you need to cool down, but make sure you have a hat on cooler days. Also, if you are white, the area on your dome you shave will be much lighter that the rest of your skin. Make sure to use sunscreen because it will be sensitive.

To begin the shave, you should shower first. The hot water will soften your hair and open your pores, making the process much smoother. In fact, if you are not following this advice already concerning the removal of your facial hair, you should start now. Always shower before you shave. After the shower, consider applying a shaving oil to your head. The Art of Shaving company recommends this preparation step to protect your skin and again soften your hair. Considering your head has never been shaved, a little extra prep should not be avoided.

Next, apply a generous amount of shaving cream. Spend a little extra for a glycerin-based, natural cream. Not only do they perform well, these high-performance creams are less likely to irritate your skin. True Gentlemen and Acca Kappa offer a nice selection of scented and unscented creams. While applying the shaving cream, don’t be afraid to massage your scalp. This will help lift the hair and prepare it to be removed.

With a sharp blade, begin shaving with smooth strokes following the direction your hair grows – back to front on top, down the sides and back. During the shave, watch out for hidden bumps or moles that could be nicked. For a close shave, however, Art of Shaving suggest a quick rinse, re-application of cream and second shave. This time, though, pull your razor against the grain.

Finally, protect your head with an after-shave lotion. This last step, along with all the others, will help protect your scalp from razor burn and ingrown hairs. A good balm will replenish vitamins raked away by your razor and keep your skin healthy and smooth. Consider yourself groomed. Boldly present your style, joining the ranks of Bruce Willis, MJ, “The Body” Ventura and even your friendly Made Man editor. Honestly, who would you rather look like, Donald Trump or Bruce Willis?