Getting hurt is an extremely cool thing to do. But sometimes it’s hard to look cool after the fact. A bright pink cast weighing your leg down with a huge weiner drawn on the foot of it that you don’t see until it’s off is funny to your friend Derek (dick…), but not to you.

Luckily, Made Man has found a few chic bandages to patch yourself together in style when you have to lay your hog down or maybe just really bang your knee on a coffee table.  Whichever. And if you can’t decide which bandages best fit your unique brand of understated mascuilinity, but ’em all and put them in the slick little first aid unit that’s in the header image of this post.

First is the leather bandaid for the fella who doesn’t want to get an infection, but still wants to go to the biker bar down the street and get rowdy with some salty mothers.  This designer also has Louis Vuitton-style bandages in limited availability. [Buy it]

The second style is from and are available online or in European shops.  They feature any of three different colors of Swarovski-studded bandages for the lady in the house.  [Buy it]

Finally, a more tongue-in-cheek bandage with the faux tattoo bandages from the ever-kitchy Fred Flare.  Hopefully the scars from your injuries will be just as permanent and cool-looking as the tattoos these guys resemble.  [Buy it]