In today’s world, we’re all busy making excuses about being busy, and so it’s tough to make the time to work out. That’s why Pornhub just launched an enticing mobile fitness program, BangFit.

Despite the ceaseless Tinder messages we swore to ourselves we’d get to (not counting the ones we’ve outsourced), we all somehow find the motivation and time for getting busyer. BangFit gamifies sex and encourages users to “pump while they hump”—yes, Pornhub VP Corey Price has said those words. “Players” wear an adjustable band that attaches their smartphones to their hips, and the built-in motion and movement sensors track their activity as they “squat and thrust” and “missionary press,” following along with a sexercise routine of their choice. The better they perform, the more points they score. But, of course, everyone scores with BangFit.

It’s time to “shred in bed,” gentlemen. Yup, Price also said that. Check out the video below for a humorous, PG explanation.