Colton Harris-Moore, the self-taught, plane-crashing, mansion-raiding, on-the-lam, Barefoot Bandit has finally been reinged in, and plead guilty in a Bahaman court today to illegal entry to the country. This after authorities chased him through a plane crash (his fifth) and a high-speed boat chase. 

This ends a two-year stint in a sort of “Catch Me if You Can” love affair with the public and run from the authorities. During this time, Harris-Moore stole and crashed at least 5 private airplanes. No small feat seeing as how his mother says that he’s never taken a flight lesson in his life. Authorities believe he taught himself from manuals and from reading content on the internet. Authorities knew Harris-Moore was the bandit after he narrowly escaped them leaving the above picture on a digital camera he’d stolen.  

After a 3 month period in a Bahaman jail, he’ll be deported back to the U.S. – his lawyer is currently in Seattle attempting to et the more than 70 crimes, which occurred in 8 states and Canada, into one, big, roguish federal case.

In his two year run, he became something of a folk hero in the states – a boy who escaped a halfway home and undercut millionaires by stealing their food and yachts. It remains to be seen if this was his intention or if he was simply skimming the cream off the top of society simply because he was able to (at least for two years).