The Amazon Kindle changed the way a lot of people consumed and thought about books. Some people opted for the e-reader – eschewing brick-and-mortar book stores entirely. A few condemned it clinging to their hard covers

But it looks like the move to digital readers is going to get a whole lot more momentum. Barnes and Noble is releasing their proprietary e-reader this week, The Nook, and it appears to take everything the Kindle did right, and amplifies and adds to it. 

Like the Kindle, the Nook costs about $250, but it’s packaged in a more sleek body, and features a color, multi-touch screen. It also has wireless capability (a huge selling point for the Kindle). The best part about the Nook, though, and the worst part about the Kindle, is that users will have access to the entirety of the free content in the Google Book project. That’s 500,000 free books that are classified as public domain. You’ll be able to buy it here.