We’ve heard of wearable tech before, but BauBax—the same innovative lifestyle brand that launched the World’s Best Travel Jacket that raised over $9.2 million, becoming the 4th most funded campaign ever on Kickstarter and the most funded clothing item in the history of crowdfunding—just launched a whole new line of smart clothing and accessories this morning.

Through your bomber or down jacket, sweatshirt, vest, jeans, chinos, shorts and accessories like your wallet, you can now charge your smartphone, smartwatch or BauBax earphones wirelessly. How? All the clothing pieces come with the world’s thinnest wireless charging pads stitched inside their pockets and lapels. It’s basically a wireless ecosystem made up of nine items, though you don’t need to buy all of the products for them to work. That said, your devices won’t charge unless you’re using BauBax products, so you do need at least one of their pieces, like the sweatshirt, and definitely the wallet, which acts as the power source (it’s where you keep the ultra-light battery bank).

Check out the video below for more on how this whole thing works! And make sure you start tying this sweatshirt around your waist, even if it looks a little lame.