At a recent happy hour some of us Made Men stumbled into a dangerous conversation. There were some ladies present and they were discussing what makes a good boyfriend. Naturally, we felt we had nothing to learn, but decided in partake, you know, just in case. Perhaps it was the booze, or maybe or gals’ shrill voices, but all we heard was, “blah, blah, screech.” Thankfully, we record all our conversations, for legal purposes. After reviewing the tapes the following morning, this is what we learned. 


It sounds cliché, but a healthy relationship requires communication, and listening is a crucial part of that. Resist the urge to simply nod along when your girl is recounting lunch with her BFF or laying out her schedule for the week. You’ll earn serious points if you wish her luck for the big meeting she has that day, which she told you about 4 days earlier.

Pay attention 

Along the sames lines as listening, try acknowledging her presence occasionally. Likely, she’ll just start talking when she feels you need to know something. Occasionally, though, you should ask. For example, during the commercial breaks of Monday Night Football, inquire about her day. Demonstrate you are interested in her life, in addition to the game’s score. This skill will go along way to purchasing memorable gifts and knowing the ideal time to tell her you are hosting poker night.

Get involved 

If you are doing well enough to know a bit about her world, it’s time to immerse yourself in it. She wears the jersey you bought her on game days, so you might as well partake in her hobbies. If she loves movies, take her to a matinee. Roll up your sleeves and join her one Saturday as she volunteers to clear trails for the National Forest. Cheer for her during the triathlon she is dominating. You should discover spending time together is enjoyable.

Let her hang 

Let your lady know she is welcome, sometimes, to hang with your friends. She probably craves their approval, and would love the chance to prove herself worthy. Also, if your buddies see what a cool chick you have, they may better understand why you have to blow them off occasionally. We’re not saying she gets to crash guys’ night, but including her in some of your activities should lead to a couples only event later.

Have patience 

It is tough to understand why your girl sometimes cries uncontrollably. You are a successful, talented, outgoing man who tries to offer her a great life. You treat your better half to fine dining, flowers, vacations, etc, yet she retains the ability to summon tears. Despite the luxury laid out before her, avoid reminding the sad girl of starving children in Africa, and instead just have patience, in this situation and others. Eventually, she will remember that she is with a great guy, the future is bright, and forget all about how frustrating her boss is to deal with.

Tell her she is pretty 

Another cliché, but effective and necessary, as long as you are genuine. Girls need to hear that time spent getting ready, as ridiculously long as it may be, is worth it. Though we cannot understand why, all women hate each other and constantly compare themselves. You really cannot offer enough compliments, but don’t dilute them dishonest remarks. Mentioning that her smile is the one you want will make your girl happy. We are not referring to fairy-tales when we say happiness leads to happy-endings.

Be a Knight 

Resurrect the fallen art of chivalry. Sure she can open the door on her own, but why make her? Our ladies warned, though, don’t go overboard in attempt to earn a promotion from the Queen. Pulling out a chair during a date makes her feel special. Gently nudging her away from stepping in dog shit shows you watch out for her.

Show some appreciation 

If you are doing your part to make this relationship great, chances are she is attempting the same. Acknowledge her efforts. Everyone likes feeling appreciated, but it’s even worse when work goes unnoticed. Remember, she is an independent woman living in a modern world. She can earn her own money and seek thrills without your assistance. In fact, she doesn’t actually need you. Remind her, then, that you enjoy what she adds to your life. Hinting that she is better because of you as well is allowed.

Behind every great man is line of fellows that couldn’t keep pace. Also, we’re told, there is an admirable female lurking. Give her the man she deserves, and you’re sure to gain the woman you desire.