Women these days are pretty independent and can do most anything they set out to accomplish. Don’t worry, though, because it doesn’t mean you are a total waste to them. Women still love a man who knows how to fix, install, change, hook up, and repair things. While you may not think of yourself as the handiest fellow on the block, if you know how to do a few basic things for her, you’ll still look like a man who is good with his hands. And the ladies dig that. So learn these basic chores and impress the hell out of her.

Hook Up a DVD Player

While systems vary and it can get complicated when you add a receiver, cable box, VCR and other elements, the basic DVD player hook up is pretty universal. Provided you are not hooking up to a TV that hails from 1986 that is. Obviously, consult the instructions if you must, but commit the below steps to memory to look like you know what you’re doing.

— Hook the audio cables (red and white cables) up to the Audio Out port on the DVD http://www.mademan.com/greatest-dvd-youll-ever-own/ player. Then plug in the other end of the cables, except this time plug into the Audio In ports on the TV.

— Plug the remaining cable (yellow) into the Video Out port on the DVD player, and plug the opposite end of the cable into the Video In port on the TV.

— Turn everything on. You’ll have to hit TV/Video, or something similar, on your remote in order to get the DVD images.

— Some players also come with extra “component cables” (usually red, blue and green cables). If so, plug them into the Component In ports on the player and the opposite ends into the Component In ports on the TV. Of course, make sure to match the colors up.

— If the TV has a receiver attached to it for surround sound, you can still use this hook up for the DVD player and bypass the receiver. If you wish to plug directly into the receiver for your sound, consult the instruction manual.

Install a Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals are wonderful inventions and we usually only realize the genius of these machines when they break and we’re forced to scrape leftover food into the trash can like 3rd class citizens. If your lady friend doesn’t have a garbage disposal, swoop in and offer to install one for her. She’ll reward you afterwards.

— Detach the pipe from underneath the sink you plan to put the garbage disposal. Remove the piece that looks like a ‘strainer’ (called a sink flange) at the bottom of the sink. It is removed by taking out the bolts under the sink.

— You’ll need to have some putty or sealant to rub around the area before you place the new flange in (the one that comes with the garbage disposal system).

— Now start attaching the components. Some come with a ring that will need to be placed in the flange and some will have extra bolts and such during this step. Consult the instructions on this as each system is different. Get the pieces assembled and start tightening everything in place.

— Shut off the electricity in the kitchen before connecting any wiring or you could be in for a shock. If you have an outlet under the sink, you’ll be set. Otherwise, you’ll need to drill a hole in the counter or in a cabinet in order to plug the system into the nearest outlet.

— Now you can join the actual garbage disposal to the assembly system you have already attached under the sink. Again, consult the instructions as each system secures differently. You will usually encounter a ‘collar’ that must be secured all the way around the pipe. Once that is in place and your brackets are set, tighten it up.

— The final step is fairly simple, but must be done correctly or you can have some leaking and water damage. Your drain pipe needs to be attached to the drain port on the garbage disposal. There should be a ‘fastener’ on the pipe that you can secure to the drain port. Tighten it all up, check for leaking, and make sure it’s all running properly. You should now be ready to start disposing of some old food.

Change a Car Battery

Switching out a bad battery in a car is pretty simple, but today’s man is so spoiled that some of you don’t even know where to start. Well, learn how to do this already. At some point, a lovely female in distress is going to ask you to look under her hood…and switch out her car battery.

— The car should be turned off and the hood will need to be raised. If you can’t figure out how to get the hood raised, ask the woman you are helping to punch you in the face.

— You’ll need a wrench or at least a pair of pliers. Find the negative battery cable (the black one or the one with a minus symbol beside it) and loosen it with the pliers. You’ll then be able to pull the battery cable off once you have loosened the nut enough. Don’t use something to pry the cable off because this can damage the battery or the cables. If the cable doesn’t pop off by hand, you need to loosen it more.

— Repeat the above step to remove the positive battery cable (the red one or the one with a plus symbol beside it).

— Most battery have a clamp holding them into place. Loosen it with a wrench or the pliers and pull the battery out.

— If there is any battery acid corrosion on the cables or the clamp, use a cleaner with grit in it to get it cleaned up.

— Put in the fresh battery and tighten the clamp back into place, then attach the battery cables. Make sure everything is tight and you should be good to go.

Hang a Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans are an obsession for some women. They have them installed because ‘it ties a room together’ and not because they want to keep the area cool. Silly, yes, but a great opportunity to impress her with your handiness.

— Shut the electricity off because you will be handling wires and probably don’t want to be electrocuted.

— Unscrew the bolts holding the current light fixture in place. There will usually be 2-4 bolts to remove. Once you have unscrewed the fixture, unhook the wires from the light. There will be 2-3 wires to unhook. You have to remove the wire nuts (cone-shaped pieces that look like lids from a tube of tooth paste) and then you can easily pull the wires apart.

— Make sure the area you removed the light from is strong enough for the fan. If not, you may have to install a small piece of wood or two for extra support. Consult the instruction manual if you have to add support.

— Place the mounting bracket where the light fixture was and screw it down nice and tight.

— Most fans come with a hooking device that will let you dangle the fan motor in place so you can hook the wires up. Match up the wires by color and tighten them together with the wire nuts. Make sure to also wrap the ground wire around a screw and tighten it down.

— Next, screw the motor onto the bracket. You probably want to test the power now before you get the thing all the way together. It’d suck to have to disassemble it all in order to redo the wiring.

— Attach each blade to the motor and tighten them down.

— Start it up and enjoy your handiwork.

Change a Flat

Perhaps just as easy as changing a car battery with just a little more elbow grease, it is once again surprising how many dudes can’t do this. Chicks can even do it, but they love a guy who will take charge and change their wheels http://www.mademan.com/image/kendra-and-some-hot-wheels-0/ for them.

— Make sure the car is on a flat surface and the emergency brake is on.

— Take the hub cap off if it has one. Use the tire iron/lug wrench to loosen all the lug nuts. This has to be done before you jack the car up because otherwise, the tire will just spin when you try to loosen the lug nuts.

— Now place the jack in the proper place on the car. Most cars have specific points on them where you are supposed to place the jack. The four spots are usually on the side of the car, about a foot or so from each tire (under the front and back doors). Occasionally, the spots will be at the fender and bumper of the car. Make sure to read on the jack where it should be place. Note: If there is no specific place designated, use your best judgement. Just make sure the jack is level and won’t lean when you start to raise it.

— Before jacking up the car, place a rock, cinder block, a piece of wood, a case of beer, or something in front and behind one of the car’s tires. This will keep the car from rolling in case the jack does start to lean.

— Jack the car up. Go slowly and continue until the flat tire is off the ground.

— Now take the lug nuts off and pull the tire off. Pull the tire straight out at you so you won’t damage the stems.

— Put the new tire or the spare tire on. Again, make sure to slide it on straight in and not at an angle. Replace the lug nuts and tighten them as much as you can.

— Now lower the jack slowly until you are able to pull it out from under the car.

— Tighten the lug nuts all the way. Be careful not to over tighten because you will then strip the stems. That’ll just end up costing the chick a lot of money to repair and make you look like a moron in the process.

— Replace the hub cap and remove the rock or whatever it was you used to keep the car from rolling. Then offer to give it a test drive…with her as your passenger, of course.