We all know the Guy Who Always Lands the Girl. Not the serial monogamist (always landing the girl but never learning how to get rid of her) or the sleazeball skank-chaser (always landing the girl but never straying far from an aggressive course of antibiotics), but the effortlessly dashing, Clooney- and/or Phillippe-in-Cruel-Intentions-esque gent who needs only show up in order to score the five best numbers in the room. If you’re That Guy, then please, feel free to chuckle knowingly and get back to the business of Being That Guy. But if you’ve always wondered what That Guy’s secret is — or if you think you might be That Guy but can’t figure out why your special brand of charis-mojo isn’t getting the right results– then consider adding the following five non-verbal actions to your lady-killing repertoire. (The big secret? It’s all in your head. Think it, and they will come.)


Women are like well-moisturized, delicately-scented wolves: they can smell fear, but instead of catching and devouring it, they run screaming from it. For example, if you walk into a cocktail party worried that you won’t have fun, won’t make a good impression or won’t meet anyone interesting, then you’ll either look terrified (huge turn-off) or standoffish (less-huge turn-off, but nevertheless exceedingly unattractive). If, however, you walk into the room with the assuredness of a man who plans to own his night (and the players in it) and proceed to make your own fun, then you’ll project a calm, composed (and attractive) vibe that will counteract the stressful energy of the countless other nervous, clueless doofs in the room. Besides enjoying yourself more, you’ll have women racking their brains to figure out how to soak up your uber-appealing style during cocktail hour… and of course beyond.


Just as biology propels us to desire certain physical characteristics in our partners, women (consciously and subconsciously) look to physical attributes to determine how suitable a mate a particular guy will be. While we can’t all have Herculean pecs, there are several Creatine-free ways  to project your innate manliness to female passersby. Just remember three key aspects of good posture: square shoulders, lifted chest and long torso. Think about your torso as V-shaped while imagining that you have a string running straight down from the crown of your head to the base of your spine. Keep the V strong and the string taught and you’ll instantly have a much more take-charge stance than what you’re probably working right now. (Do yourself a favor, though, and look in the mirror when working this out. It’ll help you look more natural and less like you have something jammed up your nether regions.)


We aren’t suggesting that you make like a swarthy buccanneer every time you hit the club, but a strong and steady gait indicates to women that you’re a take-charge guy who knows where he’s going, both in life and in the bedroom. If you’ve mastered Good Posture 101, then a confident stride will likely follow, but you can check yourself by noticing how you walk when you’re strolling (as opposed to rushing to catch a train or carrying a bookcase down the street); it’s likely the most relaxed walk you have. Add to it strong shoulders, a lifted chest and a long torso, and imagine that whomever or whatever you’re walking towards represents your sole purpose in life. If that happens to be an attractive woman, then you’ll have her hooked before you even get close enough to chat her up.

Inner Monologue

If you’ve ever been forced to watch America’s Next Top Model, then you know that in addition to possessing a general fierceness, the most successful models are those who can manage to think of something interesting while being photographed. Surprisingly, the same goes for normal humans. If you’re more concerned with the sandwich you ate for lunch than with making your sexual prowess known to all the females within a 15-mile radius, then you’ll look exactly like a guy who loves pastrami but doesn’t exactly know how to bring it between the sheets. You don’t have to construct a mental porn starring every woman you meet (of course, don’t stifle your creativity should inspiration strike), but concentrating on all of the ways you’ll inevitably rock her world will give you a look of sheer sexual mastery that she might not be able to describe, but she won’t be able to ignore.

Eye Contact

Making eye contact is critical when conversing with the opposite sex, but it can be an even more powerful tool when employed pre-conversation. When you catch someone’s eye across a crowded room, hold her gaze for as long as she’ll let you; she’ll look away first, which, as in the animal kingdom, asserts your dominance and suggests that you’re ready to dominate other things (read: her). If she isn’t looking at you, however, don’t be the creepy dude who stares at her like a stalker until she looks in your direction. If you’ve taken our advice, then you probably won’t be hurting for female attention anyway.