Haven’t the supermarkets and specialty local butchers taken enough of our hard-earned money? Ever thought of butchering your own meat? Imagine all the money you’ll save and the fun you’ll have!

Prices for boneless-cut chicken cutlets can be twice as much as a whole chicken. So why not get yourself some decent knives, take a few butcher classes, and start hacking away?

You don’t even have to stop at chicken. Get a huge frozen cow carcass and work it over like a punching bag for a few days. You saw Rocky, right? Do a little butchering here, a little butchering there and you’ve got enough prime rib, NY strip steak, and countless burgers to last you the summer.

An interesting article with a more serious tone from Bill Mehlman at CheapStingyBargains.com explains how simple it really is:

Stop paying the butcher for nothing. The more he does, the less you get, yet the more you pay. Become your own butcher with two investments: some education about simple butchering (readily available online) and a couple of decent knives (not a big expense, and, if you take care of them, a lifetime purchase).

Wouldn’t it make sense to buy the whole bird, trim out the breasts (30 seconds, once you’ve done it a couple of times) and throw the rest away if it will cost less than buying two cutlets? …

… You can be your own butcher every night of the week. You can even wrap them in plastic film and freeze them for use later.

By being your own butcher, you’ll enjoy great quality meat at probably two-thirds the price of anything you would buy pre-cut.

Sounds delicious, Bill. I can’t wait to start looking for butcher instructions online. I hope I don’t have to sift through too much mutilation and furry porn first. Thank God for Google Safe-search!

Is this something you already do? Relive your butchering feats in the comments section today!

CheapStingyBargains: Sharpen Knife, Slash Your Food Costs, June 5, 2008