Too good to be true. The market is going to fall. The world is in turmoil. One of the main reasons the market is still rising is the fact that there are so many bears out there that are starting to get underwater. August and September had more shorts and bears that in history. That is what is feeding this market. They are about to take a big hit and soon many will be forced to go long and may even try and join in. Right now long is the place to be while they scramble. I love reading all the bears putting out as much negative news and yet it still has no effect. Unfortunately most traders don’t live in the real world. They sit at their desks and watch charts. This works well for day trading but longer term trades take research and time. Here is a quick little example. I talk to truckers that deliver to and from our company every day. Trucking companies are as busy as ever. They have used to the gas excuse to raise rates to a high level and yet they are booked each and every day with all drivers on the road and always looking for more. They are shipping something folks. Trucks move the economy and evidently there is plenty of the economy to ship. I would rather talk to the truck drivers than some bogus ass analyst report. I’ll never forget Roberto (I love his site Nasdaqtrader) telling me he enjoyed my site but I should quit trying to pick stocks. I learned that day to keep most of my real trades off the site and just have fun. He evidently didn’t learn from his own words and went pretty “this market is too bullish and will crash” on his site. Just as he told me to quit putting up my stock picks I tell all the bearish sites, be careful. Just as being in love with a stock will kill you, so will being in hate with one.