The sky is falling the sky is falling. The bears love being negative. They certainly didn’t see it coming today and I think alot of them said “screw it” and covered today. They can name every reason why the market should be down and yet the bulls always bring it right back up. They may be doing it on credit cards but people are out there spending. I don’t judge a country on how many customers come into our nursery but I certainly get a slice of what’s going on and get to talk to 200-300 people every day. I just don’t get the cry that America is in turmoil. The poor have never been in the market and they will never buy anything more than groceries and the basic necessities in good times or bad. This is a problem in America but has no impact on the market whatsoever. We in the market are more concernend about those with disposible income and whether it’s increasing or decreasing and what they are spending it on. I am seeing more than ever people putting money into their home and their technology. I have seen less new model cars than usual over the last few years. I also notice the least amount of American made cars than I can remember. How do I know? I look for these kind of things. I love making money and I can make more if I pay attention to what people are buying . How do I know? I ask.