Are you worried you’re getting too much work done? It’s best not to chance it; stop what you‘re doing right away. Keep productivity to a minimum. Otherwise when you do slow down, people will see. It’s just not worth it.

So what to do in the mean time? Here’s something that should distract you for an unprecedented chunk of your day: Incredibox, the new human beatbox building website allows you to dive into your creative side and make your own unique beatbox. Just head to (apparently the French are way ahead of us in beat boxing technology), and choose your language. Then go down the line of French-looking dudes, and drag the different elements into their shirts. Instruments, percussions, effects, chorus, voices; there are even three bonuses for some pretty sweet but out there breakdowns in the middle of your beatbox. The combinations are endless. Get a beat you like going and practice your freestyle. Next thing you know two whole days have gone by and you’re ready to really get a club going.