The Beatles – notoriously stingy with their music – are plunging into the digital deep end. First Rock Band, and now this? Excellent. It seems like only a matter of time before we’ll be getting their gamer tags.

This month, The Beatles in conjuction with Apple and EMI are releasing a limited edition Stereo USB drive (in the shape of an Apple, of course) on which is stored their entire, re-mastered collection of 14 stereo titles. This 16GB drive includes the full stereo recordings, mini-documentary films about the making of the albums, replicated original UK album art, rare photos and expanded liner notes.

The tracks themselves are provided in FLAC 44.1Khz, 24-bit lossless audio and MP3 320 Kbps formats, and are fully compatible with Mac or PCs. They’re available for pre-order right now, and you better hurry. It seems unlikely that you’ll fit 14 albums into a stocking. Buy the drive from The Beatles official site