Beer: The Brown Note
Brewery: Against the Grain, Louisville, KY
ABV: 5%
IBU: 20

Tasting Notes: As the name suggests, this is a dark brown ale. This beer has a hefty head with scents of toffee, brown sugar, and cocoa. Toasty and roasty flavors from the dark malts almost overwhelm a subtle undercurrent of hops. Oatmeal is added to the grain bill which affects the mouthfeel of the beer, making it velvety smooth.

Food Pairings: Brown ales are notorious for their versatility — meaning this beer will go well with pretty much anything on your plate. The toasted malt plays well with grilled meats of all varieties, but nothing beats the winning trio of a perfectly grilled steak, twice-baked potato, and a brown ale. This beer would also pair well with spicy Mexican food (it works kind of like a better Negra Modelo) or any other spicy cuisine.

Why We Love It: Against the Grain puts out the best labels in the beer industry. Period. They’re humorous, whimsical, and irreverent. I’ve been a fan of their Citra Ass Down and their Rico Sauvin for a while, but when I saw this one on the shelf I couldn’t help myself. I picture a marketing meeting at which somebody actually presents the idea that “when people think sharts, we want them to think our beer!” This might sound ridiculous, but their website actually boasts that this beer is “so good it WILL make you shit yourself!!!!”

This, gentlemen, is why the brewing industry is so awesome. Beer is meant to be playful and fun, and Against the Grain has cultivated a brand that can somehow get away with associating poop with their beverage — and be successful while doing it. I recommend this beer by Against the Grain, but grab anything you can from this brewery. You won’t be disappointed.