Welcome to Made Man’s weekly beer column, wherein we seek out the world’s destination brews.

Beer: Dogma Revamped Wee Heavy (Scotch Ale)
Brewery: BrewDog
ABV: 7.4%

Tasting notes: The UK’s BrewDog brewery used 10 different malts to brew this beer, so you can expect a malt bomb. Mix all of those robust malty flavors with Scottish heather honey and you have a tulip glass full of sweet caramel deliciousness — which is perfect for the winter weather headed our way. Obviously, there will be aromas and flavors of malt and honey, but you should also expect to taste the alcohol in this. I definitely got hints of molasses and sorghum, an earthy sweetness dominating the flavor, in addition to an almost fruity, raisin-like undertone.

Pairing ideas: This beer would pair perfectly with a big, warm slice of anything with toffee or caramel in it, like a big blondie. Cover that blondie in vanilla ice cream and you have yourself a nice little beer-drinking companion. Big, strong cheeses, like a two-year aged gouda or cheddar, would pair well, too.

You may have seen the Scottish dudes from BrewDog on TV. They host the creatively named BrewDogs on the Esquire Network. In each episode, they travel to a different brewery and try to create a beer using unique techniques and ingredients. It feels a little bit like cheesy reality TV at times, but if they weren’t skilled brewers and able to think out of the box, the show would fail. Thankfully, they are quite skilled.

BrewDogs’ take on the traditional Wee Heavy (a.k.a. Scotch Ale) is inspired. The combination of malts, along with the addition of honey, make this a memorable glass of ale, and a delicious reimagining of a style that has never really blown me away. When the blustery winter winds blow in, you’re going to want to get a bottle of Dogma and sip it by a warm fire.