Welcome to our weekly beer review, wherein we point you toward the world’s destination ales.

Beer: Enjoy By 07.04.14, Double IPA
Brewery: Stone Brewing Co., Escondido, CA
ABV: 9.4%
IBU: 88

Availability: Enjoy By 07.04.14 is available in 22 oz. bombers all over the USA, however, when this batch is gone, it’s gone. There is a new “Enjoy By” that comes out every few months though, so if you miss out on this round, look for a new batch with a different date on the label.

Tasting Notes: This is a big, hoppy, piney beer. Begin by putting your nose over the glass and inhale. The smell is resinous and dank, an aroma of hops overwhelming your senses. You’ll notice that the beer is a dark golden-orange color, but it will have a much thicker mouth feel than last week’s Golden IPA from Breakside. You’ll get similar fruity flavors from the hops, but this beer also boasts the more piney hop flavors as well.

Food Pairings: It’s a big, bold beer so it will pair well with big, bold flavors. Try it with Indian food, spicy grilled meats, or a good aged Cheddar cheese.

This is a hyped-up hopped-up beer and you’ll understand why when you take the first sip. As the act of “cellaring” beers has become fashionable, Stone wants to make sure that beer drinkers don’t forget that the majority of beers are meant to be consumed ASAP. On the bottle, Stone refers to this beer as a “devastatingly fresh” beer and explains that, “Freshness is a key component of many beers — especially big hoppy IPAs — but we’ve taken it further, a lot further, with this one. We brewed this IPA specifically NOT to last.”

Not only is this beer an amazing tribute to the power of flavorful hops, but by putting the date on the front of the bottle, it lets the consumer know that they are partaking in a unique beer drinking experience. Sure, another batch will come along in a few months, but that will be slightly different than this one. So when you buy a bottle, you know you’ve got something special in your hand.

Better get it while the gettin’s good.