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Beer: Scream IIPA
Brewery: New Glarus, New Glarus, WI
ABV: 9%
IBU: 85

Availability: Only in Wisconsin. In 4-packs of bottles. Limited time only.

Food pairings: The New Glarus website offers some pairing notes and recommends this beer be enjoyed with bold foods like wild game. It would also hold up alongside Thai food, but would do just as well with all spicy Asian cuisines from Indian to Korean.

The Great American Beer Festival features thousands of beers from all over the country. And while I tried my share of so-so beers, I also had the good fortune to try some beers that were so good I can’t get them out of my head. The Scream IIPA from New Glarus is one of those beers. New Glarus doesn’t distribute outside the state of Wisconsin, so I feel incredibly lucky that I got to sip it in Colorado.

Terrior is a word usually reserved to describe wines. It refers to the land on which the grapes are grown and the distinct flavors imparted by the soil and environs of a given region. It doesn’t usually make sense as a beer word, but in the case of this New Glarus “Thumbprint Series” double IPA it is a logical descriptor. It features a combination of New Glarus’ estate-grown hops and other Wisconsin hops. In addition, some of the barley in the malt bill is grown on Wisconsin soil. This leads to a beer that is uniquely Wisconsian.

With a dark caramel color, the aroma is an explosion of robust hops. This translates into a dark caramel malt flavor playing a deep bass line under the screaming raucous guitar solo of hops that soar above. That’s a fancy way of saying that this is a loud beer, full of eye-opening, intense, and distinct hoppy notes.

This is one of the best beers I have put in my mouth all year, and I drink a lot of ’em.