In our weekly beer review, we point you toward the world’s destination ales.

Beer: Samuel Adams’ Kosmic Mother Funk Grand Cru (American Wild Ale)
Brewery: Boston Beer Company
ABV: 6.4%
IBU: 9.4

Availability: This beer is currently on a 12-city tap tour. Eleven cities have already been selected, and the 12th will be determined by fan votes. So, if you want to try this beer, start voting on Samuel Adams’ website.

Pairing ideas: The complexity, uniqueness and scarcity of KMF makes this a beer that might be best enjoyed as a dessert with nothing on the side to distract you. That said, a square of high-quality dark chocolate would be nice with it. And if you really want to live life, spark up a good cigar and drink this beer like a fine port or brandy; it really opens up as it warms a bit.

The Kosmic Mother Funk — or KMF as it is affectionately called by brewers and beer drinkers alike — is the backbone of all Sam Adams’ Barrel Room beers. It gets its unique flavor from the micro-organisms that live inside the brandy barrels the brewery imported to create said Barrel Room. The barrel-aging process gives KMF crazy complex flavor and aroma — balsamic vinegar, vanilla, tart cherry, and a little bit of funk swirl around in the glass to delight the senses. And even though it’s sour, tart, and funky, it isn’t too sour, too tart, or too funky. It’s just right.

The “Grand Cru” in the name comes from the world of winemaking. It is a term that can be loosely translated into beer speak as “secret stash” or “private reserve” and generally denotes a limited-quantity beer with special characteristics of which the brewery is quite proud. One sip of this beer and you’ll understand why the moniker is applied to the Kosmic Mother Funk.