After a long day of rocketing through the stratosphere a mere miscalculation away from hurtling into the infinitely cold, black, inevitable death that is deep space, it’s understandable that an astronaut might want to kick up his feet and crack a cold one open. 

At least that’s the thinking behind a new type of beer being marketed to the uber-rich demographic emerging in the face of private space planes:  space tourists. 

Why do they need a special beer to drink in space? Two reasons, really.   First, when there isn’t any gravity working on the beer, the CO2 responsible for the delightful carbonation doesn’t create bubbles. So space beer, unless engineered otherwise, is flat. Also, astronauts tend to lose sensitivity in their tastebuds when in space. There’s no scientific evidence as to why this is, but Saber Astronautics Australia and 4-Pines Brewing company are getting together to create  strong-flavored beer (stout) that will maintain carbonation. Look for it to be coming down the pike soon. Via CBS