Beer goggles are equally the worst and best part about drinking. On one hand, it makes the pool of women around you that much more attractive. On the other hand, you could end up sleeping with someone you’d otherwise never have approached. Like, maybe, another man.

A new study, which was performed by The Journal of Social Psychology, found that people who identify as heterosexual are way more likely to be attracted their own sex after they’ve been drinking for a while.

The researchers performed a breathalyzer test on 83 straight individuals to determine how much they’d had to drink. Then, the participants were shown short videos of people of both sexes drinking and chatting with a bartender. When the clip was over, they were asked a string of questions about the people they had just viewed, like “Would you have bought them a drink?” and “Would you have sex with that person?”

For the most part, the study found that male participants were mostly interested in the females shown in the video, regardless of how tipsy they were. However, the more booze they consumed, the more likely they were to say that they also found the males attractive, too. Even more, men who had over 10 drinks reported being as attracted to dudes as they were to women. The same can be said for the female participants.

Well, there you have it. Drink enough and your wingman might become more appealing than the women you went out looking for.

Photo: iStock/Deklofenak