Outgrown your yacht? It happens to all of us at some point. Panic no more, because a team of designers have created a concept for a massive SuperYacht.

“What could make the common yacht truly super?” you scoff. Well, this one is called Streets of Monaco, and it’s patterned after that princely principality. There is a go-kart race track that apes the famous Grand Prix. There is a helipad, mini submarine, speedboats, jet skis and swimming pools.


Because why not? The whole shebang measures 508 feet and has a price tag of $401 million. You can roll with 15 of your crew (literally, in this case) and 70 of your servants. There is not, as of yet, an included crown, cape and scepter, although you likely have those already.

The designers, who are employed by the awesomely named firm Yacht Island Design, are actively seeking a private or commercial party to commission the floating city.