That guy at work who keeps yawning and complaining about how tired he is from working so hard is a tool. A complete tool.

Aren’t you sick of listening to these people whine about how overworked they are? DETAILS draws some much needed attention to this crisis with a recent article:

“It’s the first thing that comes out of someone’s mouth when you ask them how they’re doing,” says Matthew Moss, 34, a creative director at a marketing agency in Portland, Oregon. “‘Oh, I’m exhausted.‘ The first thing you think is ‘Oh, this guy is tired, which means he’s probably been working really hard.’ Or ‘They’re full of shit.'”

It’s as if this is the new status symbol. Chugging Red Bulls and Starbucks to stay up all night doesn’t make you cool. And if you feel the need to inform your coworkers about how overworked you are, then maybe you’re just working too hard to impress everyone.

It also seems like you Wall Streeters and bankers are especially guilty of this. Does having 3 days of stubble, a wrinkled shirt and bleary eyes equal a massive yearly bonus?

Perhaps there are darker elements at stake here. Maybe this faux fatigue is a coverup for a half-ass work ethic:

“People use tiredness as a proxy for effort,” says Steve Gravenkemper, an organizational psychologist at Plante & Moran, a consulting and accounting firm based in Detroit. “They say, ‘Gee, I tried real hard even though I didn’t get the result, and you can see that by my exhaustion.'”

It’s one thing to annoy the crap out of me, but now you’re just hurting the company. This will not stand, ya know, this aggression will not stand, man.

DETAILS: Being Tired Is Not A Status Symbol, May 30 , 2008