There are a number of reasons why traditional flasks can fall short. First of all, they’re about as recognizable a booze carrier as a brown paper bag is. Metal detectors conspire against you. And, let’s face it, you don’t always want to put your top-shelf liquor into a metal container. Ingenious solution? Glass bottles that fit perfectly into hollowed-out vintage books ($100 to $140), courtesy of the good people at Bender Bound. Man, if only these had been around for our ground-breaking video, How to Sneak Booze Into An Event.

Practical considerations aside, this approach just looks a lot cooler than most things you’re going to surreptitiously spirit your spirits around in. And you’re not just getting a large book with a hole in it. You’re also getting a quality glass flask with an attached, Grolsch-style stopper. This airtight seal is the gold standard for storing alcohol on the move.

No matter what type of book you’re most likely to be seen with, Bender Bound has it. Legal books, cookbooks, dictionaries, parenting books and even the autobiographies of presidents Reagan and Clinton (contrary to earlier reports, does not come pre-loaded with Mississippi Moonshine) are among the liquor concealers available.

Even if you aren’t looking to hide your booze, you might want to roll up to the next party with one of these. The classic styling will beautifully offset whatever debaucherous ensemble you’re rocking that night. Get your very own Bender Bound book here.