Camping is really mostly thought of as a low tech venture. Seriously, can you get any lower tech than a canteen? It’s a metal water balloon. You can use your phone though to help you out on the trip. Here are 10 apps that should be essential for anybody going camping.


1.  Spotify – This is the top music app right now. It’s good to have some tunes while outdoors.

2.  Weather Channel – You need to be mindful of the weather.  The last thing you want to do is get caught in a bad storm.


3.  Camp Compass SOS Level Light – You’ve got the map but which way is north? The compass is the classic camping tool so it makes sense to have one on your phone.

4.  Google Maps – This is helpful as a navigator. We use it all the time when we’re getting around. It tells you where you are and what’s around.

5.  Camping RecipesAndroid has a free book called Camping Recipes. And you could get the Coleman Camping Cookbook free on iTunes. Either way it’s good to have easy recipes to cook over a fire. It’s can’t just all be marshmallows and hot dogs.


6.  Camping Trip Planner – You need to bring a lot of gear to go camping. This is the highest rated checklist site. It lets you save your list too so you can reuse it the next time you go.

7.  We Camp Here Campground Search – An Android Staff pick last year. This will tell you the best places to go camping, saving you all the legwork.

8.  Flashlight – Do you know what happens at night outside? It gets dark. Really dark. This will help you find that Swiss Army knife you dropped away from the campfire. Every phone should have a flashlight app.


9.  Instagram – You’re going to take pictures so why not use a filter to make it look like the 1970s? Camping is so 70’s anyway.

10.  US Army Survival Guide – There are a ton of survival guide apps. We picked this one because of how highly rated it was and you know—USA! USA! USA! Things can go wrong camping. You didn’t download a weather app and you got trapped in a snow storm. And then since you didn’t download the compass app you walked the wrong way to find help. These survival guides could provide life saving information.