From coast to coast and sea to shining sea, the good ol’ US of A has some of the most attractive guys out there—women all over the world are into American dudes. That being said, some cities boast more eligible bachelors than others. And a new study has called them out.

Researchers from Grooming Lounge looked at men’s grooming habits in 25 of the largest American cities. They based their data on a few different principles, like how much the men in each city spent on personal care services, personal care products, shaving products and apparel. They also looked at the fittest cities in the nation based on findings from the American Fitness Index Report of 2015.

From all of that, they deduced that the city with most handsome men is *drum roll, please* Seattle, where guys spend about $3,413 per year on personal care items and dish out the most money on shaving needs annually. San Francisco is the runner-up and Washington, D.C. follows.

On the other hand, Miami places last at #25, with Cleveland sitting in the second-to-last spot and Baltimore ranking just above that. The full list can be found here.

The Grooming Lounge founder and CEO, Mike Gilman, stated that his company is “in the business of making men more handsome and, as [they] expand and look for franchise partners, it’s important for [them] to know which cities will be most receptive to [their] mission.”

It’s also important for you to know because there’s a lot you can take away from all of this. If you’re looking to get laid, spend the dough on personal care products and head to the Miami beaches where you’ll be surrounded by beautiful, bikini-clad women and, evidently, chums. No competition there.

Photo: iStock/itsskin