A fearless, California dog is being hailed a hero after refusing to abandon a herd of goats amid deadly wildfires. The dog Odin, his sister Tessa, and eight bottle-fed goats miraculously survived the flames that engulfed owner Roland Tembo Hendel’s property.

Hendel wrote in a lengthy, viral Facebook post that he and his family had to leave Odin behind with the goats after rushing to gather their other dogs and cats to flee the flames they saw across the valley. They were surprised and utterly overjoyed to see that their animals had survived.

It got us thinking… While Hendel’s family situation was dire, we often leave poor pups behind even when there’s no emergency. Going on vacation with the boys? Perhaps you should consider taking man’s best friend along for the ride. Many worthy travel spots are actually quite conducive to your dog dad ways. So check out these awesome destinations to vacation with your dog.

1. Fort Collins, Colorado
Beer enthusiast? You can bring Fido along to the many dog-friendly breweries, and even take him into the tasting rooms. After you stock up on your favorite brews, head to the local reservoir. Beer tastes better by the water, where you can play some catch.

2. Charlotte Harbor, Florida
All about that beach life? This place embodies relaxation and good, dog-friendly vibes, from Muttini Mingle happy hours to live music during Barktoberfest.

3. Toronto, Canada
Head up north for the largest outdoor dog party on the continent. That dumb trick you trained Buddy to do can actually get you famous at the Stupid Tricks Event at Woofstock. Yeah, that’s a thing. Better like crowds though, as over 300,000 people flock here each year.

4. Sonoma, California
This wine region is one of the best areas in the country the bring your dog. Traverse around dog-friendly wineries, stay at private dog-friendly resorts, kick it at dog parks, shop at dog-friendly plazas and even treat your pal to a nice dinner at a restaurant that’ll give him a meal, too.

5. Paris, France
This cultural metropolis is surprisingly easy for dog dads, too. Iconic spots like Jardin du Luxembourg and Versaille Park welcome pets. Take in a stunning view of the Eiffel Tower together at Champs de Mars. There’s even a dog-friendly mass at Saint Rita Church. If those big red double-decker tour buses are more your speed, board one with your dog.

6. Lake George, New York
Remember how fun summer camp was as a kid? Imagine how much better it’d be with your dog. At Canine Camp Getaway, you and your pal can swim at the pool or chill out at the bar and in the dining room. You can also take some guided hikes with him.

Photo: iStock/Chalabala