After visiting friends in New York and San Francisco, former Google designer Chris Brigham decided that there wasn’t enough attention being paid to elegant bicycle story. People were just tossing their multiple thousand dollar rides behind doors or leaned against furniture leaving chain gear marks on things and, more importantly, looking awful.

His solution is designed and titled equally simply. It’s called the Bike Shelf and it looks like a bookshelf with a bike slot in it because that’s what it is. Concealed within the shelf (made of either Walnut or Ash) are a steel square rod mount which anchors into your wall allowing you to store your two-wheeled conveyance and any manner of knickkackery atop it.

Each unit is made to order, so if you’ve got a wide-framed time trialing rig, make sure and send its dimensions to Brigham when you order yours on his site. You can also order specific types of wood if walnut or ash are not to your liking. It’s going to cost you around $300 depending on your options, but style isn’t cheap. Buy it up.