Tell Jack, Johnnie and Jim that you need to take a break. You’ve been spending too much time together and you want to see others. Specifically tasty small-batch others. Upgrade your liquor cabinet with these American bourbons, ryes, and other whiskeys you wouldn’t dare serve with a splash of Coke. It’s not you, Jack, it’s … well, it’s you.


Hudson Four Grain Bourbon

Tuthilltown Distillery Hudson Whiskey Manhattan Rye
Each bottle of Hudson Whiskey is hand-filled, capped, waxed and numbered and is the first group of whiskies to be distilled in New York State after Prohibition.
Tasting notes: Bold, spicy and rustic, with a little honey and coconut.
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Garrison Brothers Cowboy Bourbon
Garrison Brothers Distillery Cowboy Bourbon
This one’s a bit pricey but worth it—it was named “American Micro Whiskey of the Year” in the 2014 Whisky Bible.
Tasting notes: Caramel, butterscotch, vanilla, nutmeg, and coconut.
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High West Distillery Double Rye
Distilled in Park City, Utah, this is a blend of two-year-old and 16-year-old straight rye whiskies.
Tasting notes: Cinnamon, anise and honey.
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Kings County Distillery Bourbon
The moonshine-style bottle is appropriate: Kings County is NYC’s oldest operating whiskey distillery since the Jazz Age.
Tasting notes: Dried corn kernels, spice and char smoke.
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Bulleit bourbon 10 year

Bulleit 10-Year Bourbon
This is the older brother to your “I’m not in a dive bar” standby order.
Tasting notes: Oaky, hints of vanilla, dried fruit, and a long, smoky finish.
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George Dickel Barrel Select

George Dickel Barrel Select
This small-barrel Tennessee whisky, aged between 10 and 12 years, is an exceptionally smooth sip.
Tasting notes: Vanilla, spice and charcoal.
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Rowans Creek Bourbon
Willett Rowan’s Creek Bourbon
This affordably priced 12-year-old high-rye bourbon has a savory hint of smoke.
Tasting notes: Dried pears, honey and spice.
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Heaven Hill Master Distillers Bernheim Original Wheat Whiskey
This varietal of American whiskey was created in the 2000s — the first new American whiskey since Prohibition, the company claims — and the wheat base lends it a mellow taste with less bite than bourbon.
Tasting notes: Toasted oak, toffee, berries, spice and mint
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Widow Jane Distillery Widow Jane Dregs
At this Red Hook, Brooklyn, distillery, after every 100 barrels are drained, the flavorful dregs (whiskey usually left behind after the barrel is emptied) are bottled upside down, creating this limited release.
Tasting notes: Bold cherry wood, burnt orange and spice


Poppy Van Winkle Family Reserve

Old Rip Van Winkle Distillery – Pappy Van Winkle’s Family Reserve 23-year Great White Buffalo
Named “spirit of the year” in 2010 by Wine & Spirits magazine, this was the drink of choice for Ryan Gosling’s character in Crazy, Stupid, Love. What further convincing do you need?
Tasting notes: Vanilla, maple, honey, citrus and spice with an oaky finish.
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