Mademen work hard for the money, day in, day out. So when summer rolls around, it’s not to be overlooked. While the sun resurfaces, women return to wearing less clothing and the days don’t darken until way after dinner, it’s important to enjoy every bit of boastful weather and weekend fun. So, even if it takes some extra effort in the wake of Spring madness, be sure to stake out a spot in your brain for upcoming summer mayhem.


Let’s start without the obvious, shall we? The first location that leaps into any head hearing the words "beach" and "summer" is the beloved Hawaiin islands. There is often much debate about which island offers up the best shore lines, as well as the best strawberry daiquiris, but in all honesty it would be hard for any of them to disappoint you after your regular visits to an office receptacle. That being said, top three on the Hawaii list are Kauai, Maui and Oahu. On Oahu’s North Shore is the infamously luxurious, Turtle Bay Resort, known for its five miles of oceanfront, "375 guest rooms, 31 suites, 42 beach cottages and resort villas, horseback riding, golf course, remarkable spa, kayaking, wine tasting and the fact that Forgetting Sarah Marshall was shot there on location. Plus, "Picturesque views of the Pacific are yours from every guest room," so there’s no way to get stiffed or drift off to sleep without the heavenly sound of rolling water.


To be less obvious, we have the up and coming darling of what is debatably considered both Eastern Europe and the Medditeranean, but that most native Croatians call it’s own, little universe. After having spent many years buried beneath a connotation of war, poverty and danger, this country is finally emerging under the tittle of newest vacation haven. Many Croatian beach spots are given blue flags, "international award[s] for quality and purity of the sea and the beach," and the clear turquoise waters and white pebble shores confirm it all. In particular, Istria is known as the hottest vacation spot, in the westernmost country of the Republic and one of the largest green oasis of the North Adriatic. Numerous accommodations can be found in the area, from rural vacation houses to elaborate restart locales. "Hotelsko naselje Petalon" holds an Extreme Weekend,k for sports lovers with mountain bike racing, rock-climbing, paint-ball, quad racing, skydiving and more.

The Bahamas

Pink Sands beach is one of the most popular destinations for tourists looking to have some privacy while prowling the beach, located on Harbour Island in the Bahamas. The Pink Sands resort boasts "a 20-acre haven set by the edge of the famous three-mile pink sands beach," as well as "afternoon cocktails and sunbathing at Pink Sands’ oceanfront cottages with private patios." And besides the glorious hotel bars, exotic massages and intimate, sun-filled snoozes, Miss Universe Contestants are known to swing by in boatloads of young and visit the rosy, blessed shore.

Monte Carlo

Hailed as one of the top beaches in the world, Larvotta Beach shows off a luscious expanse of blue water and crystal clean pebble shores, without costing a cent for admission. At the far end of the beach is a tourist and local favorite, Spiaggia or "The Yellow Bar," serving beachside splendor in liquid form. As for accommodations, the Fairmont Monte Carlo, with its in-house casino, gym overlooking the riviera and stunning Willing Stream Spa, is one of the most massive and massively impressive in Europe. Known for its involvement in the Formula One Grand Prix and its nearby Monaco shipyards, "The Fairmont is a lavish retreat that puts the Principality at your doorstep and allows you to immerse yourself in the region’s joie de vivre." 


The most famous island of Greece, Mykonos offers everything from beachside parties to archaeological sites, to bustling taverns to chic restaurants. Mountainous landscapes, transparent waters, historic sites, pristine churches and picturesque villages are only the beginning here. Flat roofs and colorful doorways decorate the narrowly paved streets with garden balconies and a genuine love of life. Though it tends to get an incredible influx of visitors during the peak seasons, for "those who don’t mind to enjoy the crowd, great fun and all night long entertainment, holidays in Mykonos are ideal." 


It’s said that the summer happens in Rio. Not just tourists frequent the Rio beaches, which always makes for an enthusiastic and authentic crowd and certainly contributes to Ipanema beach’s title as one of the best ‘urban’ beaches in the world. Combining the benefits of city living and beach loving, Ipanema Beach is the ultimate explosion of summer beach craziness, and should not be visited by those looking for solitary afternoons under solo umbrellas. Expect exotic music, endless opportunities for sun-themed athleticism to bring back your beach body, beer, booze and babes.