America’s addictive love affair with its favorite steaming—sorry, streaming—waste of time is wearing thin.

You have one day to watch Lindsay Lohan in Freaky Friday. It’s old television.

This is your only life. Namaste.

11. Sun setting over any body of water.

22. Giddy women going out for lunch in skirts and bare thighs for the first time.

33. Leaves on budding trees as they withstand their first thunderstorm. And prevail.

44. Her face when you mention the words, “Picnic Basket.”

55. Any produce driver expertly delivering a stacked hand truck down a steep flight of stairs into a busy restaurant basement.

66. That wobbly Bambi-legs moment of kids on bicycles in the park the first time Dad takes off the training wheels.

happy-brunch7. Your friends when they get up from brunch, look for their jackets, and remember that it’s not jacket weather.

88. Relief as it spreads across the faces of overworked baristas on the first day of Iced Coffee Season.

99. Forgetful squirrels trying to find last fall’s acorns.

sundress10. The palpable, kinetic energy of a restaurant where awaiting suitors look up and see their date in a sundress for the first time.

1211. Your bank statement when you realize every “unlimited” Netlix binge costs you $28 on Seamless, $14 at the wineshop and hours indoors in the gym.

1112. The look on a homeless person’s face when you give them $10.88/month instead of subscribing to old television and movies online.