The transitions between disciplines are some of the most important parts of the triathlon. A botched transition could lose you 30 seconds or more. The amount of energy to make that up in the actual race is no laughing matter. You need to streamline.

That’s where the Scott T2 Pro comes in. It’s the world’s first sneaker with a triathlon-specific entry system designed to get you in and out of your running shoes in as little time as possible. They’re light, too, at 230g, and have a wide toe box which fits people with a netural gait – a shoe with pretty wide appeal. 

Here’s how it works: the heel cup folds down like a rear-entry downhill ski boot allowing you to slip your foot in quickly. You can even keep your shoes laced up. With your foot in, you simply snap the heel cup back into place over your heel, repeat the process on the other foot, and you’re on the road. Head over to Scott to find a dealer near you.